D.B.S. =Doctor of Biblical Studies

D. Th. =Doctor of Theology

D.M. =Doctor of Ministry

D.M. =Doctor of Missionology

D.C.C. =Doctor of Christian Counseling

D.C.Com. =Doctor of Counseling & Communication


Elhanan Bible College offers a variety of religious degrees. However, we do not offer any secular “Arts” (which represents a wide scope of studies including such subjects as education, human relations, literature, etc.), or PhD degrees.

All our doctorate degrees are earned. We do NOT award honorary doctorates (We are not a diploma mill)

We also do not award life experience credits towards this degree. Credits earned from an accredited institution will be accepted, if you forward a transcription and contact details from the institution.

Applicants MUST be over the age of thirty five years AND have ten years full time experience in one of the five fold ministries.